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Adi Dancewear arises in 2008 when Principal Dancer Adiarys Almeida started developing her passion for costumes designs. She started by creating and decorating her own costumes and headpieces.
In 2010 Almeida’s suffered an almost career ending injury. While off from dancing she started to sew at home and created some dancewear for herself and friends. This is when the idea of Adi Dancewear was born.
In early 2013 Almeida and her partner Giselle Alfonso decided to launched Adi Dancewear brand and network. The strength of Adi Dancewear is the combination of the love for ballet, design and experience in business efficiency.
Essentially, it is based on the following strategies:
· Exclusive models: great fitting, high quality, original designed and elegant.
· Customer Relations: We understand that the relationship with the customers must go beyond the products and services.
· Excellent Service: We listen to customers to improve the quality of services and products.
At Adi Dancewear we believe that ballet dancers are very unique artists. We spend most of the day dancing in front of a mirror studying our lines and looking for perfection. It’s very important that we look our best, feel good and motivated about our selfs. Dance in general its an extremely demanding difficult and competitive career and at times can bring so many frustrations,insecurities, disappointments.
Our goal it’s not only to give dancers just nice stylish and comfortable clothing, but to give them confidence and to make their personalities stand out. Make the difference today and order your Adi Dancewear!

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